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Our parish can fulfil its part in God's mission only because of our people who share their gifts and talents freely, for the glory of God. As a parish, we are blessed with such a diversity of people, each with unique gifts. When shared together these enable us to build God's kingdom here. Some people are blessed with time - sharing generously of their time supporting various ministries and tasks (often behind the scenes). Others are blessed with specialised talents - freely sharing these to enrich our overall ministry (eg: godly wisdom, music, accountancy, etc). Still others are blessed with resources (treasure) - generously sharing their resources for the benefit of all. The combined sharing of our time, talent and/or treasure empowers our parish life and ministry.


Financially, our parish has two main areas of responsibility we must cover: (1) operating/ministry expenses, and (2) property & maintenance expenses. Our operating/ministry expenses include: Stipend, Utilities, Groundkeeping & Cleaning, Worship & Sacramental resources, Pastoral/Justice/Community initiatives. Our property & maintenance expenses include: land rates, insurances, ongoing building maintenance and repairs, sinking funds for future replacement or improvement.

We are grateful for all who support our Parish in various ways. If you are able to, some ways of financially supporting your parish are given below.


You are able to make a donation for the support of parish ministry and property in a number of ways, some of which are listed below:

Casual Donations
  • by cash: in an evelope either on the collection plate or given directly to one of our Churchwardens. On the envelope please write your name and a brief description of your intended purpose, for example: "for the purpose of ministry in the Anglican Ministry Unit of Innisfail/Tully". Also sign and date it.
  • online banking (Electronic Funds Transfer) using these details:
         BSB:  034188
         ACCOUNT:  227666
         DESCRIPTION (example): Smith, donation for ministry
or Smith, donation for _____________

Planned Giving
You may wish to make your regular weekly giving electronically by setting up an ongoing Direct Debit. You can do this either yourself via your online banking facility (using the above BSB and account number and setting the frequency) or you can complete a Direct Debit Form (forms avalable from one of our Churchwardens) to any amount you set. This will commence a regular (eg, weekly) automated direct debit. You can cancel direct debits at any time. If you would like assistance, a Churchwarden can assist you with setting up your planned giving.


One of the greatest gifts you can make toward the mission of St Alban's / St John's is to leave your own legacy of faith for future generations. A gift in your will, no matter how big or small, is one of the wonderful ways you can advance your faith and the work of the parish.

For more information about making a bequest to the church, read our Bequests Brochure (download here or take a brochure from the church entrance) or feel free to talk with a Churchwarden or the priest.

We greatly value the generous support of our people towards the work of our church.

Anglican Parish of Innisfail-Tully

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