What's "Anglican" in a nutshell?

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For a basic introduction to Anglican doctrine, liturgy and mission, click here. Even better, come along to one of our Churches any weekend - you'll be warmly welcomed.

Our Parish - who are we?

We are a community of diverse Christians living, celebrating and supporting one another in the Anglican tradition, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ as our guide. Nourished through fellowship and worship, we play our part in God's mission within our families and wider communities. We believe that an essential part of God's mission is to build a civilisation of love and we do our best to serve that mission.

The Parish of Innisfail-Tully is part of the Anglican Diocese of North Queensland an area of the Anglican Church which stretches from the Torres Strait in the north, to Mackay in the south, and west to Mount Isa. Together with other dioceses around Australia, we make up the Anglican Church of Australia which is a memberĀ of the worldwide Anglican Communion - a family of Christian churches in more than 165 countries.

Our People:

We are blessed with a rich diversity in the people who make our parish their spiritual home. The wisdom of our elder parishioners compliments the dreams of our younger parishioners. A rich variety of cultures forms one body in Christ through our shared Communion. Each person, newcomer or "old-hat", brings unique gifts and talents that enrich our parish and its ministry. Our people are generous in their sharing of time, talent and treasure, building-up each other to be the face of Christ in our local communities.

Our parish leadership comprises our priest, our churchwardens and our parish councillors. We are blessed also with a number of licensed Lay Ministers who provide ministry in a variety of contexts.

We hope you also might find your spiritual home with us at either St Alban's (Innisfail) or St John's (Tully). The Lord most certainly has a purpose for you in His mission and we look forward to supporting you to live that purpose to the full.

Anglican Parish of Innisfail-Tully

We welcome you to our beautiful Parish community

A 85 Rankin Street Innisfail QLD 4860 E M 0427 327 756

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Our Minister

Fr. Michael Lindsay

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